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I will be working on a new batch of 10 Press Monitors next week, a couple are spoken for already, but there are some available if you want to place an order.


Press Monitoring


Round Counter and Statistics


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Easy To Use


Powder Tracking


These videos show the Press Monitor III in translucent blue, but it is also available in a sleek black case as well.   Please see the pictures below.


Press Monitoring alerts you if the press is operated out of sequence.  This will catch mistakes such as short stroking, forgetting to rotate the shell plate, or any other out of sequence error.  This feature can save you from a double charge, squib, or light charge round and can prevent injury from a blown up firearm.  The best way to understand this feature is to see it in action in the Press Monitoring video above.  The new model now has 4 inputs so it can monitor up, down, prime, and rotate if needed.  Any sensors not used for monitoring can be used to generate an error.  New simple single letter configuration.

Round Counter and Statistics - Up to 8 statistics for the current session can be displayed including:  Round Counter, Press Time, Rounds Per Hour (Current and Total), Remaining Rounds, Remaining Press Time, Powder Measure (Grains and Remaining Rounds).  Three long term statistics maintain a Total Rounds, Total Press Time, and Total Rounds Per Hour over all reloading sessions.

Using the Press Monitor is as simple as turning it on and starting to load.  Everything is in plain English on the display.  A new simple test sensor screen has been added in the new model.

Installation is easy using the included 3M strong double stick tape and requires no permanent changes to your press.

Powder Tracking keeps track of the amount of powder in the measure, and can issue a low powder reminder if you run low.  There is no sensor for this feature as it relies on you to weigh the powder container before and after adding powder to the measure so it can calculate how much powder is in the measure.  It then automatically deducts the specified charge weight for each round as you load.


A Press Light lights up even deep cases so you can clearly see inside and verify the powder level.

Reminders are used to report specific events; they do a quick beep and display on the screen for 5 seconds, but you are free to continue working right through them.  These can be enabled or disabled depending on the your preference.  A completed reminder lets you know when a desired number of rounds are done.  A powder low reminder indicates when the powder measure has fallen below a certain level (see Powder Tracking for more information).  A press maintenance reminder indicates when it is time to perform press maintenance.  An interval reminder can be set to remind you every so many rounds such as 25, 50, 100, etc.  A RPH too fast reminder can be set to tell you that you are going too fast.  A break reminder can remind you to take a small break and keep your mind fresh.

Supported Presses - The Press Monitor supports the Dillon SDB, 550, 650, 1050, Hornady Lock N Load, or any other progressive or turret press with 1 to 8 stations.  You can move the unit between multiple presses with an extra press harness.

Everything you need to install and use the product is included.  Please see the manual for complete instructions on how to install and use the unit.

The Press Monitor is 100% designed and hand built here in the USA.  We have taken great effort to make it be the best it can be so you can be proud to own it.  We provide a 1 year warranty and stand behind our products.

  Reviews and Customer Comments:

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  Dale B. from Fulton, NY:  I received my Press Monitor and I must say WOW! I am impressed with the quality, you must have put a lot of work into the design of it.  I am glad you developed some thing like this because it is so easy to loose you position while reloading when interrupted and this will go a long way to help prevent a squib or double charge.

Martin C. from Sabattus, ME:  Alan has put a substantial amount of research and time into the press monitor. I am very pleased with mine and it gives me a failsafe way to insure my reloads are reliable. The other features of the monitor such as the Rounds counter, Rounds per hour and Powder Measure Features are great options so I can keep track of my reloading.

  The Press Monitor III is currently available in a black case or a translucent blue case (see pictures below).  
  Photos (Click each one to see larger):

Press Monitor III Black

Press Monitor III Translucent Blue

Backlit 40x2 Character LCD

Dillon 550 Handle Up Sensor

Dillon 550 Handle Down Sensor

Dillon 550 Rotate Sensor

Dillon 650 Handle Up Sensor

Dillon 650 Handle Down Sensor
  Please read through the Press Monitor III manual:

Press Monitor III (Version 1.31)

Usually a solution can be found in the manual, but don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.

Other Product Manuals:

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Press Monitor III
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Press Monitor III
Black for Auto Index

Extra Wiring Harness
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Press Monitor III
Translucent Blue for Manual Index

Press Monitor III
Black for Manual Index

Extra Wiring Harness
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